Axolabs‘ scientists have continuously been contributing to the advancement of oligonucleotide therapeutics, including their design, synthesis, analytics, biolanalytics, pharmacological optimization and functional delivery.

As pioneers in the field of siRNAs, our scientists were about the first to file patent applications on the use of siRNA as a novel therapeutics. Over time our scientists have expanded their expertise to other therapeutic modalities based on oligonucleotides. This is reflected by the numerous contributions to scientific publications in highly ranked scientific journals. Publications

In the past 15 years our scientists have been inventors filing > 50 patent applications in the field of siRNA and other oligonucleotide therapeutics. The current intellectual property portfolio of Axolabs comprises, in particular, patentprotected know-how on a proprietary lipid platform for the functional delivery of oligonucleotides and mRNAs as well as unique and proprietary methods for the sensitive detection of oligonucleotides from biological matrices. IP