Quantification and Functional Analysis


  • State-of-the-art facilities
    • Safety level 1 facility
    • Safety level 2 laboratory
  • Custom-tailored preclinical services
  • Lead identification and characterization
  • Off-target analysis
  • In vivo test system to monitor cell type-specific oligonucleotide drug delivery to multiple tissues
  • We have established LNPs known to deliver to preferentially to certain cell types
  • We use established siRNAs targeting cell-type specific markers to monitor successful delivery to these cell types
  • Analysis in primary hepatocytes from various species
  • Flow cytometry
  • 5’-RACE to analyse oligonucleotide-mediated, sequence-specific mRNA cut 

Functional Analyses

  • 5'-RACE to identify the oligonucleotide-mediated cleavage site in mRNA
  • AGO2-Loading Assay: Co-immunoprecipitation and stemloop-PCR for relative quantification of the siRNA strand or miRNA strand loaded in AGO2


Quantification and analysis of cellular mRNA

Quantification and analysis of protein