High Throughput Screening

  • We have more than 200 different cell lines on stock 
  • Typically, screening of several hundred oligonucleotides in dual dose and further characterization of a smaller selection in dose response curves 
  • Individual target-specific assay development 
    • Analysis of target expression in cell lysates by QuantiGene™ singleplex assay (bDNA) or qPCR 
    • Oligo screening of endogenously expressed targets in a cell line (alternatively screen by psiCHECK™ - 2 (Promega) reporter assay)
    • Determination of IC50, IC80 and max. Knockdown
  • For e.g., viral targets: oligo screen by psiCHECK™-2 Reporter assay 
    • Dual-Glo®-Assay (Promega) used for readout 
  • Screening in primary hepatocytes or iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cells) derived cell types by transfection, receptor-mediated or direct uptake