Gene Editing

Accelerating CRISPR-based drug development 

Targeted nucleases can precisely mediate genome alteration. CRISPR, comprising a nuclease (often Cas9) and a guide RNA strand (gRNA), induces site-specific cleavage of the DNA double strand and allows incorporation of a designed short guide sequence via homology-directed repair. The ability of the CRISPR system to virtually target any gene or genetic locus confers superior biological editing efficiency (Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 2022, 43, P151; Picture Courtesy: 

Based on our long-standing experience in the field of nucleic acid therapeutics we offer services as well as guidance and consultancy through the entire drug development process:

  • Manufacturing
  • Molecular Biology
    • Support of delivery/formulation
    • Editing analysis  
  • Analytics
    • Bioanalysis of sgRNA and Cas9 mRNA in blood and tissue