Functional Delivery of Oligonucleotides in vitro and in vivo

Lipid nano particle (LNP) formulation 

  • In our organic synthesis lab synthesized lipids are assembled to yield LNPs
    • Our proprietary lipids for nanoparticle formulation
    • Lipids received from collaborating partners can also be integrated
  • Capable of loading varied cargos: RNA, DNA, sgRNA, etc.
  • Ready to use formulations for in-vitro studies as well as for studies in rodents and higher species
    • Size
    • Polydispersity
    • Zeta potential
    • UV and fluorescence-based quantification and entrapment evaluation


  • Analyses of lipid stability in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs)
  • LC-MS based quantification of lipids in tissues upon in vivo LNP administration
  • In vitro and in vivo functional analysis of oligonucleotides by monitoring mRNA and protein content as well as observation of phenotypic changes
  • In vivo test system to monitor cell type-specific oligonucleotide drug delivery to multiple tissues 
    • Established LNPs known to deliver preferentially to certain cell types like Stellate and Kupffer cells and others, based on our proprietary platform of LNPs
    • Established siRNAs targeting cell-type specific marker genes to monitor successful delivery to certain cell types in liver and lung