We offer bioinformatics analyses both as a standalone service and to support lead identification programs and other biological studies.

Lead identification

An upstream bioinformatics assessment is performed for an in-silico sequence pre-selection that includes:

  • Proprietary algorithm for selection of specific oligonucleotide (avoiding off-targets)  especially for siRNAs and ASOs
  • Considering species cross-reactivity  
  • Oligonucleotide design (structure and chemistry)  
  • For siRNAs, gapmer ASOs (established pipelines) 
  • Custom oligonucleotide design projects (DNAzymes, miRNA-like oligos)
  • Allele-(SNPs) and fusion gene specific targeting
  • Design of reporter plasmids
  • Design of scrambled control oligonucleotides 


Lead optimization 

  • Consultancy to improve activity, stability and specificity, oligo structure and sequence as well as chemical modification

Off-target analysis

  • Detailed listing and characterization of predicted off-targets
  • RNA-Seq analysis
  • Propose cell lines for off-target analysis
  • Design of
    • Reporter plasmids for off-target analysis
    • Reporter for siRNA sense and antisense strand activity
    • Reporter for seed mediated miRNA-like activity 

Support for biological services