Benefits Kulmbach

As a member of our team, you will be at the forefront of science and will help our customers to develop drugs against diseases that are still partially untreatable today. Our state-of-the-art laboratories offer you an exciting work environment. We are always looking for well-trained, team-oriented and motivated employees in a wide range of areas, whether they are just starting their careers or have professional experience.

Our offer:

Attractive remuneration

In addition to a competitive base salary, we have an attractive bonus program for all of our employees. The amount of the bonus is based on the performance of the entire company in Kulmbach, but also on the achievement of individual goals. There are also other benefits as well as the opportunity to participate in a retirement program.

Flexible working conditions

Motivation and satisfaction at work are very important to us and can be achieved, among other things, through a good work-life balance. In order to meet these needs, we offer our employees various options for adapting their working conditions to their personal needs.

  • Flexible working hours
    Taking certain framework conditions into account, our employees can adjust their working hours individually, as long as the tasks and projects are completed reliably and cooperation with other team members is not impaired.
  • Home Office Options
    If it is practicable due to the tasks and activities, our employees can do part of their work from home by arrangement. Appropriate equipment for the home workplace will be supported by Axolabs if necessary.

Professional education

We encourage the professional development of our employees, as it is also of great importance for the company. Depending on the function, this includes in particular further training and congress visits. To ensure that everyone is always up to date, we hold regular training courses. We are particularly interested in promoting the individual strengths and interests of our employees and synchronizing them with the tasks in the company. Regular employee interviews are held so that everyone can make full use of their potential.


Career opportunities

Since we are a fast-growing company, there are always opportunities for advancement in the company if you have good qualifications and performance. The exchange with our other locations is also conceivable if this makes sense for the company and is desired by the employee.

Infrastructure: The Fritz building – our place of work

Axolabs is housed in the listed Fritz building. The building has 7 floors, of which we fill six. Our employees find a modern infrastructure on all floors. A number of well-equipped conference rooms are available for meetings. From some of these rooms you even have a wonderful view of Kulmbach's old town or the Plassenburg.

A shopping center is located on the ground floor, where you can easily buy groceries and other things of daily life. From the Fritz building it is only a few hundred meters to the city center and pedestrian zone of Kulmbach, where all kinds of shopping can be done quickly.


Medical supplies

The occupational safety and health of our employees is a key concern for us. The workplaces are equipped according to the highest safety standards. We also offer regular company medical appointments.

Common activities:

Culture of breaks

In order to promote cooperation during working hours, we have a number of friendly lounges where we provide free coffee and other hot drinks. This is where people meet to talk about private and professional topics. A large, divisible break room also offers space for staff meetings and other events.


Company events 

It's not all just about work. At Axolabs, we also cultivate cooperation outside of day-to-day business. We organize several company celebrations every year, such as our Christmas party in the rooms of the Plassenburg or a summer party. We are also happy to support joint activities of small groups in the course of the year. Our annual company outings, where we sometimes went on city tours lasting several days or spent activity days together, have become legendary.


Axoletics sports group

Once a week we offer our employees the opportunity to join our Axoletics sports group. The group is led by an experienced trainer from our own ranks. Great emphasis is placed on having fun.



Parking spaces

Anyone who relies on the car as a means of transport will receive a free parking space in the Fritz multi-storey car park.

Job bicycle

With the JobRad, we offer our employees a leasing model for bicycles. This makes it possible to commute to work in an environmentally friendly way or to be active in your free time without high acquisition costs. Cyclists can park their bikes in a theft-proof Axolabs bicycle garage.

Train connection

The train connection from Axolabs is excellent, because the train station is in the immediate vicinity and offers regular connections in the direction of Bayreuth, Lichtenfels and Bamberg.