Axolabs Petaluma Management



Pierre Barratt    

Senior Director CMC Strategy, Analyt Dev. & GMP QC Lab

For the past ten years Pierre has worked within LGC's rapidly expanding Drug Development Solutions division firstly as a Principal Scientist transitioning to Senior Director CMC for Axolabs, Petaluma California.  As a world leading service provider in oligonucleotide-based therapeutics we are the single organization to deliver best solutions for nucleic acid therapeutics’ development, across engineering, toxicological and clinical stages to commercial supply. These projects were delivered through knowledge of Pierre’s own preferred subject areas (Analytical Chemistry/Physical Properties/Accelerated Stability) and a comprehensive understanding of the pharmaceutical R&D process.  By maintaining effective partnerships with colleagues in lead ID, process/analytical development, Regulatory CMC and Manufacturing ensured key milestones for regulatory submissions and clinical milestones were met.

Prior to LGC, Pierre worked as a Senior Scientist for Pfizer Global R&D (13 years) providing contribution to drug development teams as analytical team leader for projects at varying stages of development including Toviaz, Xalkori and Nerlynx.   His education has been completed in parallel with his career through day release or distance learning; BSc in Chemistry, MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences concluding with an MBA.



Over the last 5 years Derek has worked to establish LGC's rapidly expanding Axolabs division at the Petaluma Site within the Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls group (CMC). Axolabs has been able to generate over 20 compounds for phase I/II clinical trials during this period. Derek helped achieve bringing these compounds to fruition by bringing his expertise in pharmaceutical drug development (R&D/QC/Regulatory) and building high performing cross functional teams.

Prior to LGC, Derek worked at BioMarin Pharmaceuticals (6 years) within the Fermentation Process Development team where he took a Phase 1 process and scaled it to commercial for the recently approved dwarfism drug, Vosoritide. Derek has a BS in Cellular/Molecular Biology and Chemistry from Cal Poly Humboldt State University along with an Executive MBA from Sonoma State University.



Christine Perez

Director, Project Management

Christine has more than 20 years of experience in a CDMO environment supporting Nucleic Acids, Nucleoside Triphosphates and mRNA capping analog programs from ideation to commercialization.  

Christine joined the Axolabs division of LGC April 2022, leading the Project Management team. Christine previously served over 22 years at TriLink Biotechnologies leading the PMO, Continuous Improvement, Business Transformation Office and Operation Excellence division.