Axolabs Berlin Management

Thomas Rupp

Managing Director Technology & Production


Thomas Rupp entered the world of synthetic nucleic acids 38 years ago, in 1985, as staff member of the Research Group of Nobel Laureate Prof. Harald zur Haussen at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Germany, by setting-up Germany’s first core-facility for oligonucleotides and DNA sequencing. During this time, Thomas complimented his Chemistry background with Molecular Biology and Virology. In the following years Thomas developed a DNA synthesiser and a DNA sequencer in the lab of Dr. Brian Sproat at EMBL, Heidelberg, followed by a sabbatical year in Papillomavirus-related cancer research at Loyola University, Chicago, IL. 

In 1994 Thomas joined Innovir GmbH, Göttingen, Germany, developing manufacturing processes and analytical control strategies for synthetic RNA Therapeutics, namely Ribozymes and successively moved 1997 to Berlin, Germany to setup the Spiegelmer production lab at Noxxon Pharma AG. In 2002 he accepted a position at GEHC as Field Application Specialist within Asia and Europe for oligonucleotide related products, before joining a CMO for RNA Therapeutics, Girindus, as Technical Consultant GMP in 2010. Before joining Axolabs Berlin GmbH in 2023, he worked as independent CMC and Technical Consultant developing manufacturing processes for RNA Therapeutics, designing oligonucleotide manufacturing facilities and supporting regulatory filings of RNA Therapeutics.

Florian Sack

Managing Director Quality & Project Management


Florian is an engineer of Biotechnology and studied at the Technical University of Berlin. He started his industry career in 2003 as Head of Manufacturing at Mologen AG, focusing on implementing GMP compliant manufacturing processes in clean room environments with intense collaboration with the Quality division. After having achieved the Manufacturing authorization, Florian became responsible for all manufacturing tasks as Director of Manufacturing coordinating all Drug Substance and Drug Product related tasks for Nucleic Acid Therapeutics and Advance Therapy Medicinal Products, from supplier and CMO qualification, Project Management to clinical supply logistics. He has more than 20 years of experience with GMP, clean rooms and Nucleic Acid Therapeutics.